The Paris Market a Must Stop & Shop in Savannah Ga

One of my favorite shopping spots in Savannah is The Paris Market.

 Located on W Broughton St. it is surrounded by other fun shopping and just steps away from City Market. My point- great shopping! I fell in love with Paris Market 5 years ago on my first visit to Savannah. Each time I head to Savannah I am sure to stop in this beautiful market. I mean even the outside is beautiful. I now want my new home to incorporate that same blue and the Carrera marble and the planters and the large windows and get the picture. 

I even want this tile floor in my home! And the doors and the transom! 

So what is so special? Everything. The market sells both old and new items. By that I mean it is a store and a brocante. The variety of items is stunning too. I'm also in love with the juxtaposition of old and new. This market does it so well.

vintage tubs and wash basins used to display artisan soaps and the like


I also love the variety. You can get the latest cookbooks, have a cappuccino, buy vintage photographs, a new dining room table, some new crystal and a toy. Really a one stop shop for all things splendid! The other thing that I love about this market is the merchandising.  You go in and walk away with not only whatever fabulous find you decide to purchase but also with a slew of decorating ideas for your home. It makes you go home and think "wow I can display that on my shelf next to a book".

On this trip I asked the girl working the register if I could snap some pictures. I was thrilled when she gave me permission since I really wanted to share it with you. I hope you enjoyed! Oh and what treasures did I bring home? A vintage laundry basket, a pitcher, a headband, match boxes, and a jewelry holder and marshmallows. I told you there is a variety!

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