A Kitchen in the Making

     My cabinet maker is a magician. He must be. How else can a pile of lumber turn into my kitchen cabinets? I know, it's math + talent. Rocky, of Southern Craft Cabinets is a true talent.

     I met Rocky a few weeks ago through my contractor who recommended him. Rocky came in took a look around, listened to what I wanted, and drew up a quick sketch.  Two hours later he called me with a price quote. I was instantly thrilled. Who knew that handmade custom cabinets made to my ideas and specifications would be less expensive than box kits. I couldn't believe it. I even sat with a Home Depot rep to design the same kitchen to see how the price compared. There was no comparison.

     Rocky also gave me the number of a client of his who just lived down the street from me.They invited me in and showed me the kitchen he had made them.They had nothing but praise for his work. At that moment I knew I had found my cabinet maker.

     This week Rocky called and asked if I would like to come over and see the progress before they were primed and painted.I jumped at the chance. I love seeing what goes into making everything. Not to mention I love his workshop which is a very cool old building. 

Here they are, my cabinets! 

This one will hold my apron front farm house sink.

 This is the sketch he had made that first day. Amazing to me that he can turn this into a kitchen. 

 These are mine too, but I forget what part of my cabinet they are. 

 I only had my phone on me so sorry for the picture quality but I couldn't resist grabbing some quick pics. of my kitchen in the making!

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