Made From Auction Finds (antique table legs and old crates)

Going to an auction is something that I enjoy, but I am not sure why I do. Well, except for the reason that I sometimes find things that make great decor!

     I do like watching what other people are bidding on and what they value something at. However, when pieces that I actually want go up on the auction block I tend to get nervous. Instantly I feel my heart beat faster and my math skills go out the window. I just don't want anyone to beat me in the bid and get my treasure. I try very hard to behave and not go over the dollar amount that I value the object at. But that is hard. There is that little part of  me that thinks "what if I just raise my number one more time". Does this happen to you? I really dislike the feeling, I get so nervous. 
     I tend to either make out at an auction or spend too much. Deals at auctions come if there is low attendance or at the very end of the auction when people start to leave and time is running out. Or in my case, the best deal that I ever got was when purchasing an antique dough bowl. When  bidding began a lizard came into the space sending half the room in chaos. The bidding went on and since half the room wasn't paying attention I made out like a bandit! A big thank you to my 6 year old son who has broken in this mommy when it comes to surprise lizards.

The dough bowl! (currently holding empty bottles while we move)

     One auction day I had to be at a meeting so I was running late to the auction. I got there a whopping 2 hours late. It was almost over and everything that I had wanted to bid on had already sold. Not wanting to leave empty handed (where is the fun in that) I bid on some old table legs. I had no idea what I would do with them.

     The next day while looking over my win, I noticed a primitive crate that I had won a month before in another auction. Then it clicked. A little table!

     I decided that a three legged table would be in keeping with this unique little piece. I thought about sanding her but decided that her charm was in how worn the wood is. I love the little finger handles on the side. Makes lifting the table a breeze.

It can now be found in my space at Kelly & Company. Ask for vendor 100 or Antikita Vintage Market.

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