A Trip to Scott's Market

Scott's market is practically in my back yard, and I know I am so lucky. I don't go every month, but I go often. This month, my mom came to visit. My antique booth needed some more items, so I thought it would be fun to introduce my mom to the market and this hobby of mine. We had fun, and we left exhausted. I am able to bring you some more great finds. These treasures will be hitting my space Antikita Vintage Market located in Kelly and Company Antiques this week!

Vintage Tobacco Basket in amazing condition

This bread board has such cool wood markings (this piece is a reproduction) but amazing non the less. 

A vintage cheese basket

Love this metal crown wall hanging! I am so into crowns right now. 

This is a great mermaid wall hanging. Perfect for a beach house or any room that needs a mermaid. 

A tobacco box with a surprise inside!

Here is the surprise, tobacco leaves that smell so good. 

Japanese Glass Float
(I found this item in Savannah not Scott's)

Carved wooden pillar base (beautiful to use at the bottom of a cloche or to stack items on). 

Turkish Dough Bowl

Come in and get them! 

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