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Have you purchased a home filled with brass fixtures? The lighting, the faucets, the door knobs, and the light switch covers, all in their shinny, brassy glory. Did they automatically go on your list of "Things To Change" about this house? Did you finally accomplish ridding your home of this brassy nemesis? Were you bothered by all of the recent articles stating that brass is making a... ack, I can't  even utter it is making a ...comeback?!

If you are like me, you instantly thought of the money you spent to make the changes. I saw flashes of receipts. When I first moved into my home, I had all of the brass door knobs popped off in the first week of renovation. I figured, if I don't do it now, I may never get it done. Well, after the removal was when I went to purchase all of the new knobs. Yes, I hadn't known the price until my brass knobs were already far, far way. I was a bit surprised at the price of each knob, pricey. But there it was. My dream of a nickel knob-ed house was realized.  With it, my hope for a quick future resale rose. I figured, whatever modern updates I made to my house may make the future lady of the house thrilled. I imagined her walking into the house, comparing mine to the last house she saw, turning to her husband saying "but honey, this house has no brass knobs, or fixtures, or faucets or light switch covers".  Was that same imagined future lady of my house going to walk in and now say "but honey, brass has made a comeback and this house is all nickel."

That brought me to my second thought. Why did I get rid of all of the brass. Did I do it purely for others? I wanted to say no instantly. No, surely I am an independent thinker who prefers chromes and nickels. Relieved, I realized that it was true. I did prefer the look. But...but, I have to say, I appreciate the new look of brass!

Ug! NO!  Brass has a NEW look! Where did this come from. I was proud that I knew my likes and dislikes. It was easy. I could define myself as a nickel and chrome lover and brass hater. Who knew some mad scientist was out there perfecting the most beautiful brass ever.  Gasp...and I love it. So what does this new brass look like. No, it's not the shinny stuff we emptied our homes of. It is softer, has a patina, and is rosy.  It harkens our minds back to old world design. And that is just it. Vintage decor is what is in now. Steampunk decor and industrial decor are emerging everywhere in the market. People are loving the mixture of the past and the present. They are loving the juxtaposition of the new and the old.

All of that said, will I be changing all of my lighting fixtures, doorknobs, etc. to brass now? No, I do love my nickel and chrome. But I am now adding this new brass to my decor. And maybe one day, just one day, I will redo a new home to new brass. Maybe, one day I will walk into a new home and say "but honey, this house has no nickle knobs, or fixtures, or faucets or light switch covers."

So here it is, some comeback brass eye candy. The first two images are of new brass in my own home.

my little brass corner table next to nickel knob

brass crab from Target

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Bright bathroom with brass fixtures and neutral painted cabinetry. #master #bathroom #design
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Aqua & Gold Candlestick Holders / Brass by CurrentClassic on Etsy, $28.00
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Photo Eric Piasecki for Martha Stewart

Photo Eric Piasecki for Martha Stewart

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