New Items

The other day, I stopped into my antique booth to straighten up some things. I hadn't planned on stopping by, but I had just wrapped up a photo session near the area. At my home, my husband was throwing a yard sale. When I looked at the clock on my car, I estimated that it was probably clean up time. As I tried to figure out which sounded like more fun, stop at my booth or go clean up a yard sale, it began to rain. Decision done. I went to my booth. (yes, I know my husband is a saint.)

As a fluffed my booth and checked out what my fellow dealers had to offer, a phone call came in to the store. Apparently, an antique dealer in the area was closing her shop for good, and invited local dealers to have first dibs on her inventory.A fellow dealer and I took off and checked it out. 

We met the sweet shop owner and her daughter. They showed us around the store and we shopped. I searched for items that I thought you, my customers would love. I hope I did well. This is what I came away with. Oh there is a dresser too...but I think I may keep it. 

I have been loving crowns, lately!

How pretty for on a book case! 

Such a vibrant red! 

The back may be even more gorgeous. 

This one is a bit more burgundy. 

I just love the back of these!

How pottery barn is this! This just belongs next to a comfy chair or on a footstool. 

These make me think of my grandparents. I used to watch them dance to this music. 

These are every where. I finally picked up my first one. I imagine it as a very pretty paper weight. 

 Both the jar and the buttons are collectibles. 

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