A Birthday with Mermaids, an Island, and Antiques: PART 1

Every year for my birthday I ask for a weekend getaway. I like to have experiences instead of parties. This year I asked for a stay in a Mermaid Cottage on Tybee Island, GA. My husband surprised me by making it a 5 day trip, instead of just the weekend.

It's funny how things happen. I had been trying to pick where to go. My choices were down to Charleston and Tybee Island. Both places I had been to several times and knew I would have a good time at either. But then this book happened and it helped me decide. I came across this book, Savannah Blues, by Mary Kay Andrews

I can't remember how I found the book. I just remember reading the description and knowing it was for me! You see, If I could live anywhere, it would be Savannah. The book is set there. My hobby is antiquing, and the main characters career is antiquing. I just knew that I'd love it. Well I was hooked. I decided to look up the author and find other books written by her.While looking up more of the authors books I discovered the Mermaid Cottages! Google makes a big world pretty small! 

You see the author even rents out two vacation homes on Tybee Island, using the rental company Mermaid Cottages. After surfing around on the Mermaid Cottage web site, I knew I wanted to stay in one of their locations.They have over 50 to pick from. Each home is decorated with antique and vintage finds. The colors are all so beachy and happy. So there I had it. My birthday wish was a Mermaid Cottage on Tybee Island. Thank you Google and Mary Kay Andrews for leading me to such a sweet rental company! Oh, by the way, Paula Deen also rents out a home that is available from the Mermaid Cottages. 

So ready for the cherry on top. While looking up the authors books on her website I see that she has a facebook fan page and a blog. There she posts about her antique booth in a shop on Tybee. Really could it get better than that?! I was going to the Island that I love. I had found a unique place to stay. AND I was going to antique on said Island, in a booth by an author who wrote a book that is pretty cool. 

Well I had to check it out. So first stop after unpacking, the store! 

Here is the add I found for the shop, Seaside Sisters. I couldn't wait to find the authors spot. 

Here it is. Is this how Weezie would do it? 

This spot in the next picture made me smile. In the book the main character describes blue and white plates that she comes across. I wonder if these were the type the author wrote about. 

 Ok, look at the next picture. I bought something that you can see in this picture. Can you guess?

Milk Glass! I bought my first pieces of Milk Glass. You can see the authors name in the sign behind me. It was a neat little souvenir to pick up.  

Here they are at home.

We didn't stay at one of the authors properties, but we did stay at another property that is also part of the Mermaid Cottage Vacation Rentals. Our cottage is called the Enlisted Men's Mess Hall circa 1929. It was perfection. But more on that on the next post! 

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