Decorating With Tin Tile

Guess what you can get from my little store! Tin tile! I have two in my space. The fronts are red, and the backs are just beautiful metal. 

Tin tiles were very popular in the Victorian era and are once again popular. These, often elaborate ceilings in homes, from the eighteen hundreds, were more than just decor. They were actually more affordable than plaster ceilings, they offered fire protection, durability and well, are beautiful. 

Today these tiles are making a come back in decor. They are being used once again on ceilings but are being found in other home decor as well. It can be seen in kitchens as a backsplash, on walls as a focal wall, kitchen islands, cabinetry, stair risers, furniture and home decor. 

Image from Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Image from This Old House
Image from Decoist

Often times I like to find a treasure while out and about and then transform it and then sell it. Other times I like to find these treasures and sell them as supplies for my customers to use for their own projects. The tiles in my space fall into the latter. I found some ideas for you! Here you go! 

Tricia from Simplicity in the South made a beautiful vignette using a vintage tile.

The next image is another vignette. This one over the fire place. This comes from Grand Design Co. 

The people over at Home-DZine created a clock using a plastic take off on a vintage tin tile. You can do this with a tin tile too!

Other great decor ideas are memo boards! No work needed. Just the magnet! Check out this idea from Make and Take 

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