Do you like that picture? I'll get back to it! 

What inspires you? You really never know when something may jump out and inspire you. I can however, almost always count on inspiration, when in Savannah. The architecture of the homes, the plants in the gardens, and the colors of food, all were my inspiration on this trip. 

My little guys wanted to take a horse and carriage ride. I am glad we did as I was able to really take in all of the homes. Please excuse the photography as the horse was not the smoothest of rides. 

The homes are just dripping with beauty. Each one is like a unique evening gown. They are adorned with stunning ironwork some so intricate it looks like lace. Some brick some stucco, each special. I love the symmetry of some. And how some break the rules of symmetry.I love the use of repetitive details. The different encasement for widows are even so unique. Some just flanked with wood shutters while others adorned with such care. 


The vines, oh the vines. I love all the neutral stucco and brick draped with greenery. Of course the faint tan green of the Spanish moss framing each home. Nature has the best color palate. 

After a horse and carriage ride the boys wanted to try Macaroons. We headed over to Marche de Macarons. I walked in looking forward to delicious flavors, but not only were the flavors delicious the colors were vibrant. Each one almost as saturated in color as can be, but just slightly not fully saturated. Color perfection in my book. I think these macaroons have inspired the colors for my home this Christmas. 

After trying each macaroon there was, we headed to do some shopping. I stopped in one of my favorite shops, Kitchens on the Square. I have a few things that I collect. I love bookmarks, hobnail glass, and cake plates. This store gave me plenty of cake plate eye candy! And the buffet that it was on was a dream piece of furniture for me. Seriously a happy piece of furniture. Doesn't the entire display kind of remind you of the macaroons?

And of course when traveling I always stop in a vintage shop to see what those who have a shared interest with me are doing with their little shops. This time I went to Habersham Antiques Market.This piece of furniture caught my eye. What a terrific use of color.

And this vintage booth caught my eye. I love the neutrals with the pops of green and black. Also the way it was displayed was clever. Love the chair on top of the sideboard. And the scale of high and low objects kept my eye moving across the space. 

So there you have it. These are the things that inspire how I decorate and what I choose to stock my little shop with. Things that make me feel the way these images made me feel. Things that are enchanting, pretty and happy. 

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