Making Party Favors For a Bridal Shower: The Perfect Mix Margarita!

I have been in 11 weddings. If you count the day I was a bride, than 12! I seemed to have been on loan as a flower girl, for at least four weddings. I was pretty cute as a kid, and a lot of brides wanted me. Still makes me feel special. 

Actually, now that I am in my 30's, the prospect of being a bridesmaid again is dwindling. Many friends are already married, or those that are about to walk down the isle, are opting for simple weddings with no attendants. That's OK though. While I don't like letting go of one day having to wear another dress that I didn't pick for myself, or walking down the isle with a man I just met(I actually like those things), I think the baton is getting passed to my boys!

This summer my little boys were asked to be ring bearer and sign holder. From the moment they were born I have hoped they would one day be ring bearers! It was a dream come true! What can I say, I dream for some random things. 

Anyway, I digress. This is about the last time that I was a bridesmaid. My cousin got married! She had a lot of bridesmaids, well compared to what I had, only three. When it came down to plan things such as the shower and bachelorette party, we were assigned our duties by the maid of honor. Her bridal party consisted of cousins and friends. The cousins (me,Janice,and Cheryl) were asked to make the favors for the shower. 

The shower had a lot of guests. We needed something that wouldn't be expensive. We also wanted it to be something that people could use, and then trash, without having to keep yet another wedding knickknack laying around their house. This was also a very fun group and bride, so we opted for mixed drinks. 

Cheryl lives four hours away in Savannah. Janice lives in California. The bride and wedding was in New York. Me, I am South of Atlanta. We had to do everything via phone calls, texts, and emails. I was the lucky one chosen for assembly and hauling them up in my car. Yes, a 16 hour drive. It was OK because the bottles of alcohol were purchased and put in the already set up bags in New York (I didn't break any laws, promise!). (I did however forget there was more to be added, and tied and closed them all and had to reopen them.)

The pictures explain what we did. 

I grabbed these bags for a few bucks at Hobby Lobby. 

We adapted this phrasing. And we purchased these Baja Bob's drink mix packets.

We put some raffia in the bottom of each bag. The wedding color was red so we picked that.  

We stuck the flower, drink mix and direction card together. 

The flower was from a dollar tree lei we cut up. 

 We used a hole puncher to make a space to put the raffia through. Be sure to fold the bags first! 

Then cocktail umbrellas were places through the raffia not. 

We ordered these labels already made from I think Zazzle

And there you have it! Kelly and Jason the Perfect Mix Margarita! 

Here is a pic of the bridesmaids. I'm the one in red. HA! Actually, I am standing next to the bride, on the brides right, with a rose on my shoulder and holding my dress. My two helpers in the favor making are right next to me. 

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