A Winter Getaway to Tybee Island

Just a few posts back we were celebrating my birthday on Tybee Island. This year my husband wanted to celebrate his birthday there too. Luckily, his birthday fell on winter break here in Georgia, and my children had a couple of days off of school. 

We tried out a new cottage on this trip, right next door to our beloved Enlisted Men's Mess Hall. This cottage is named Cottage on the Green

Before the rest of my family could come in and unpack their items, I ran ahead with my iPhone to capture some pictures of the creatively decorated interior! 

Every square inch of the cottage is decorated with vintage and sea side items. To me this equals perfection. What is extra special with this particular cottage is a sleeping porch! You'll see that soon. 

When you first enter you step into the kitchen and you are greeted by this great vintage 50's table and a really cool sign. This sign sets the color pallet for the entire cottage. Yellows and reds welcome you in every space and make a small cottage feel open and cohesive. 

You can see how true vintage and vintage reproduction work together in this updated airy space. The use of open shelving helped make a small space feel open. 

I totally fell in love with the candy dish at the top of this open shelf. I will be keeping my eyes open for one similar during my treasure hunts.  The following pictures show an excellent use of old corbels.  Just a little something that can make a big impact. 

These tins were the real thing. These represent one of the reasons that I love renting cottages styled in this way. They inspire me to see things in a different way. Who knows how many times I may have walked by something like this and never would have given them any attention. Seeing them simply put out on a open counter top helped me to appreciate how something like this can pop. The colors are perfect and the metal scallops added something special. 

Facing the opposite direction from the kitchen is the living room. The space is inviting and cozy. Wrap around windows make the space very airy and bright. 

A unique decorating idea is found in the powder room. Old wooden boards hung horizontally make the wall a feature. 


My boys used the spare bedroom. I instantly fell in love with these beds. I also learned a great photo hanging idea. Never before, would I have thought that it was OK to buy two of the same painting to hang side by side. It really works in this space. 

Now for my most favorite room! The sleeping porch. Since the temperature was in the 40's and low 50's while we were there I didn't get to lay out here with a good book. That is my plan for next time! 

Yes, it's a bed on a back porch. This was totally new for me. I loved the painted over iron. 

Do you see all those old doors on Pinterest. Well here is another use for them. This was the privacy fence. 

The entire space had little touches of perfect little items. From chairs to games. We put down all of our technology for four days and traveled back in time. 


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