Book Club #GirlBoss :Book Club Questions and Hosting Ideas

I'm in a new book club. It is only 3 months old, and I'm loving it. I've been in many book clubs, but this one is unique. Only people who actually read that months book are invited to attend the book club night. Sounds harsh, but it isn't. It keeps the club focused on socializing about the book, and not just a night of socializing with no book discussion. Book clubs in the past turned into just a night of a lot of people who hadn't read the book chatting about whatever. That works for some, but for me, book club is about stimulating that part of the brain. You know that part that feels like back when we were in college, learning and discussing. 

This month it was my month to host. I found a list of best books of 2014 and #GirlBoss was listed. I chose the book because frankly, I wanted to read it. I have an entrepreneurial mind and I found the description of Sophia and the book interesting. 

The book is about the rise of Sophia Amoruso the founder of the clothing brand Nasty Gal. I will leave the description of the book to the book's editors and reviewers. Below are the points we discussed, what we ate, and a game/party favor we did. 

Book Club Questions. 

1. Did you like this book? If so, why? Did it have some relevance in your life?

2. Were you inspired by what you read?

3. Name a favorite quote from this book? Why was it your favorite?

4. Sophia succeeded in building a business without a business plan or debt. What are your thoughts? Have you done this?

5. Sophia talks about being a risk taker and a person who can rise from a fail? Do you identify?

6. How did you feel about her writing style? 

7. Did you apply any of her words to your life? What was the result?

8. Have you ever sold anything on Ebay? Did this book encourage you to try it?

Since my month was February and I love a theme, I went with the obvious, Valentines. Sophia writes "...if you love yourself enough, you don't need the validation from anyone else. My advice #Girlbosses is to get excited about the mistakes you'll make." With that a theme for this night were born. 

In honor of loving ourselves we had the following items for our meal.(no I don't have images of each thing I made. This #girlboss ran out of time setting up and missed out on taking pictures! Guests arrived as I was just finishing setting up.)

Image source 
I took the idea of buying the gold sugar dust from this picture but made my own drink recipe. I used Gold Glitter Crystals from Sunny Side up Bakery

My Drink Recipe

A bottle of cranberry juice 
A bottle of prosecco
One cup of simple syrup 

Just pour it all into a pitcher with ice. If you'd like add a couple basil leafs to the pitcher. 

Image Source and Recipe 

I ran out of time to roll these in anything but I made sure to get them coated in chocolate. It does make me wonder how gourmet shops get away with charging so much for these. They are super fast and easy to make. 

I was able to run and grab these Canolli from a local bakery here in Georgia. If you live near this place you must check it out. City Cafe & Bakery Not only are they a bakery but they have a full lunch and dinner menu and make the best Goulash I have ever had. 

Image source and recipe 

Another easy item to make and so delicious! Bruschetta is such a simple item to make. The flavors are so fresh and satisfying and they make any spread really beautiful. It is also something that you can make ahead of time and just assemble before you serve them. The longer the tomato mixture sits the better it is. 

Image source and recipe 
This salad is really light. I have never made it where others didn't ask for the recipe. I actually was given the recipe by a friend who had made it. She had to print out the recipe since so many of us were asking for it. I often like to make this as a side for Easter. It's bright and colorful and sweet. Perfect for spring.

Since it was my first time hosting I wanted there to be a gift that everyone took home. Who doesn't like getting a gift, especially a book. I found this idea on Pinterest. I made a similar sign and wrapped up used books that I already owned, read and really liked. Well except one of the books. I chickened out of reading Gone Girl).You obviously don't have to use used books but it does save money!I passed the books out by having us play Dirty Santa. Since we read about the founder of Nasty Gal, I should have called the game Nasty Santa. Man I wish I thought of that yesterday! There now you get to do my idea and tell me the response! 

And finally here are the two images that I did get to take quickly! 

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