8 Vintage Items to Organize Your Life in This New Year

It's the second week of the New Year. For me January is a time for getting organized and taking on the new, with my act together. This blog post is about incorporating your antique shopping trips with organizing your home. 

Look, anyone can go to Target or to The Container Store and buy storage containers. I do and I love it! But, I also like to use unique items. I want my house to be decorated with what I call functional decor. I think it's fun to go antique shopping and find an old object and figure out how to make it have purpose again. 

I scoured the internet recently to find some unique ways of being organized and I thought I'd share them with you. 

This is one of my favorites. I love silvery vessels. I like the pop of shine that they add to a space that I am decorating. Charming Recycling named this Sugar and Cream on the Mirror. LOVE! This is a nice way of taking care of your make-up brushes. Also, it allows you to save time, by not having to rummage around in a makeup bag or drawer. 

Another version of this is from Good House Keeping. The reason I love this, besides how it looks, is because of how it makes you feel. When you are getting ready, even the most rudimentary chores of the morning can be just a bit more special. Why not get your Q-tip out of a silver creamer?! 

I love this next one and do this in my kitchen. I have a large basket that holds my cutting boards. Next to that I have a vintage dough peal that holds all of my oils, vinegar, salt and pepper and and a container holding my wooden spoons. It's a pretty area that organizes my must-have-quick items next to my stove top. If you need it, you might as well have fun with it! Unfortunately, this link was broken at the time of publishing, so instead of giving you the blog link that posted this image I can only give you the Pinterest Image Link

Pretty teacups are really easy to come by. This idea from Paige Smith Designs is really such a pretty way to see your jewelry everyday.

Ok. Ok, I know this next one isn't really practical. However, haven't you ever came across an amazing piece of furniture and you take a moment to think through every room in your house to see where it could work, only to then realize it wont. Well, would it work if you put your shoes in it, or purses, or jewelry?! Why not make your closet look like a boutique! These pieces of furniture do not have to just sit in a fancy living room. You can use them in a large bathroom to hold linens or in a kitchen as a pantry. This image was taken by Bjorn Wallender for Operah.com. There are several other great ideas if your follow this link.

Here's a goody! Sewing drawer boxes put to work in a different way. These were really popular in antique shops over the past two years and are easy to come by. Prodigal Pieces did a bathroom makeover and shared her images. She has even more cool ideas on how she uses vintage items in her decor. 

Ella Claire Inspired by Vintage Charm has a tutorial on how to make a really nice usable display area for pantry goods. We all need to store these items so why not do it in an organized way that is nice on the eyes. Now of course you can scour antique malls for these jars and even old barn wood to make the shelves. That would be really fun. Or you can go to a any store and get these items. Sometimes I like to go vintage and sometimes I like it to be vintage inspired. 

And lastlyI love this tea bag organizing idea. I know they make boxes for this already, but the fun is in finding the tin and using it. When I reach in my pantry I don't just pull out a standard box and hand it to my friend for their tea. Instead I hand them a box that is unique to me and my house. Thereby becoming part of my story. The images are from Hi + Hello and if you click on this link it will take you to the tutorial on how she made the dividers. 

 Please share your ideas for vintage items used for organization! 

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