A Birthday with Mermaids, an Island, and Antiquing: Part 2

As promised, a peek at where we stayed! We stayed at the Enlisted Men's Mess Hall circa 1929, which is a Mermaid cottage. As named, it was a mess hall back in the day. Staying there just a block from the beach, the light house, and the North Beach Grill, I was transported in time. The area is quaint. The trip was relaxing. The beach was restorative. 

We pulled in late at night. Now I need to confess, I am a picky traveler. It is difficult for me to walk into a rental, be it a condo, house, or a hotel, and be completely relaxed. Usually, we walk in, my husband watches my face for clues as to whether I like it or not, and the kids know not to run and jump on the beds, least we have to leave and switch places. We walked into the Mess Hall and I was in love. From the lazy front porch decorated with plenty of seating we arrived at the front door. I stepped inside and I was like a kid in a candy store. Each room is decorated with antiques and vintage pieces. I went from room to room looking at each piece and studying the way it was all styled. It was decorated by the owner and by Layla of The Lettered Cottage.

I wished their were price tags hanging from each item. I would have went home with many souvenirs!

The only downfall to getting in at night, was that we had to unpack quickly so that we could settle our tired boys to bed. That meant that in the morning when the light came into the windows, and I was able to finally take pictures, our things were also in the pictures. So imagine the following images without our suitcases etc...

Now let's take a walk around! 

There are two entries. This one has the sign on it. It's painted a lovely faint blue. 

Here is the main door. This was my first view of our little home away from home. Can't you just feel the beachy-ness! 

Here I am standing near the front door in front of the master bedroom. At the other end you see the 2nd room. It has its own full bathroom and twin beds. But check out the wood floor here! I loved the color. Almost a walnut with more honey tones.

Ug. See! One of those photos where we had already unpacked. Excuse the hat and candy bag!

I can not even begin to tell you how long I spent looking at this. The styling is impeccable. Well, except for the little stack of paper napkins and plates that I sat there! Excuse that too! I think I am now on the lookout for one of these hutches, so that I can style my vintage booth at the antique mall with it. 

Moving down the hall we come to that 2nd room I mentioned. This is what we used for my two boys. Time to ask for more excusing...ack couldn't the shoes have been lined up! A pottery barn catalog child would have lined up his shoes! And I bet said catalog child would have placed their suitcases nicely. Meh...I'll take my real boys any day. 

If their had been tags, I would have purchased this desk and this wardrobe!!! I even call my children One and Two sometimes. They loved it and had fun making it there closet! Again painted in a beautiful shade of blue. Very close to,if not, Haint Blue. 

Can we take a moment to appreciate the idea here of hanging a basket with towels. Such a nice way to offer towels to guests when the space is small. This house is decorated very similarly to my own, which is part of why I felt so at home here. I even just had these same tiles placed in my laundry room just a few months ago. I was thrilled to see them here. 

Here is the master with three sets of doors as a headboard. I have seen a door used before, but never three.  Do you see how the color ties the rooms together. It is used here and there as the pop of color that unifies. 

Again! If there was a price tag, I would have bought this vanity in an instant. I loved sitting here! I am now on the hunt for this! 

Here is the lovely master bathroom. I forgot to take a picture of the vanity! It was really a pretty black cabinet with drawers...You would have like it...Take my word on it. 

And now to where I spent most of my time. This first chair. I read and read and read, right there. 

And this is around the corner. Yep, its a wrap around porch. That doorway at the end is the laundry room and a storage area for beach toys. 

 What's that on the floor to the left, you ask. Oh! It's my collection of drift wood and shells! I'll be using this at a later date for decor. 

And here she is from the outside. 

So what did we do while there? Well, 

we went to the beach...

We drank...just a bit...this is my recommendation at the North Beach Grill. The Cruzan Confusion and the Rum Runner were perfect. Yes, I had both, but on different days!

We toured the light house. 


We went to the Market Day at the light house.

Our friend, the man behind the delicious food at Fiddlers on River Street, came over and cooked me a wonderful birthday dinner. How cute did we set this table! The cottage truly comes well equipped!

And last and surely not least. My husband and children gave me my dream birthday. 

Guests- My family
Cake-an eclair from Clary's 

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